A Foundation of Excellence
Although some lock manufacturers use cheaper cast or stamped brass, Nostalgic Warehouse prides itself on craftsmanship and uses only hot-forged brass. This process yields a denser, stronger brass that can accurately display the intricacies of our beautiful vintage designs.

Each step in our manufacturing process has been designed and refined to provide the best possible quality.
Dazzling Crystal, Not Glass
The lead-free crystal knobs are perfectly clear and blemish-free. Each is meticulously shaped and polished with sculptural arcs and angles that add visual tactile interest.
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History Speaks Through Design
Many of our designs are inspired by the prolific period of the early 1900s when American manufacturers were interested in style rather than mass production. During this period, many small companies flourished by offering art in the form of door locks and other architectural details. Nostalgic Warehouse venerates this period in history and endeavors to keep it alive.
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Quality for Life
Nostalgic Warehouse products are designed to last a lifetime, and with reasonable care, they should never need replacement. Still, anyone wishing to change their Nostalgic Warehouse door hardware for a different style can rest assured that the forged brass construction means our products are completely recyclable.
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Mix & Match Flexibility
At Nostalgic, we custom build every set to order. This enables you to mix and match any knob or lever with any plate or rosette to create your own unique style. Use our Hardware Designer to create your own design.
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