Ornate Vintage
Famed for extravagance and grandeur, Victorian style embraces a "more is more" philosophy. The look is romantic and dramatic with a penchant for ornamentation, rich colors, intricate patterns, and abundant décor.
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Rustic design's rugged style uses organic materials to create an authentically warm and inviting atmosphere. Natural elements are prized for their imperfections, like knots on wood and rust on metal, and rough construction techniques make an impression of handmade craftsmanship.
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Arts & Crafts
More than a design style, the Arts and Crafts movement championed a return to handmade quality, organic materials, and a slower pace of life. Key characteristics of this style include built-in furniture, small-paned windows, prominent porches, and wood trim.
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Art Deco
Glamour is king in Art Deco and Hollywood Regency design, and both styles invoke a sense of opulence and elegance. Art Deco captures the sophistication of the 1920s with its devotion to geometric patterns and an array of sleek metallics. As a close design cousin, Hollywood Regency is full of personality through bold colors and whimsical statement pieces.
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Classic lines and balanced proportions create a familiar icon of American style. Colonial houses are always at least two stories and have a predictable layout centered around a grand staircase and large hall. Windows are an important feature and are always positioned in equal numbers around an ornate door.
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With effortless lines and a comfortably casual feel, traditional design is easily one of the most popular home décors, creating an elegant and inviting space without being overly fancy. Traditional design is about timeless good looks without concern for the latest trends.
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French Country
Loved for its stylish blend of rustic and refined décor, French Country design is full of charm and warmth. Inspired by the French countryside, this fashionable look is chic and elegant. The style includes softly patterned fabrics in muted colors, wood and natural materials, and distressed and vintage furnishings and accessories.
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The enduring appeal of farmhouse style lies in its welcoming warmth and easy, relaxed vibe. The classic farmhouse look uses natural wood, vintage-inspired furnishings, and clean décor. The modern farmhouse style has evolved to incorporate high contrast tones and contemporary lighting, hardware, and appliances options.
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