Our Story

Designs From the Past for Homes of Today
Previously known as Hardware+Plus, Nostalgic Warehouse was founded in 1980 by an antique store owner in Dallas, Texas. Due to a solid customer base of restoration contractors, homeowners, builders, and architects, the company has grown from a modest proprietorship to a leading supplier of vintage-style hardware. Known for elegant vintage styles and exceptional craftsmanship, Nostalgic customers appreciate our product line's uncommon beauty and quality.

Today, Nostalgic Warehouse offers a vast selection of historically inspired hardware to complement the décor of homes of any age. We use only hot-forged brass for solid, durable construction that can accurately display the intricacies of beautiful vintage hardware designs. Products are available separately or as suites of coordinating door hardware, cabinet hardware, and accessories.
Vintage Door Hardware

A History of Hardware

Nostalgic Warehouse is a division of Regal Brands, a portfolio of companies representing distinguishing styles for a wide variety of homeowner preferences. Owning a Regal Brands product means owning a quality product with distinctive designs, mix & match flexibility, and broad finish options. The Regal Brands portfolio also includes Grandeur Hardware, Ageless Iron Hardware, and Viaggio Hardware.

Nostalgic on the Silver Screen
Demand for vintage-style door hardware spread to Hollywood where our products have become a favorite of art directors and set decorators. Sommersby, Legends of the Fall, The Firm, The Client, Casper, The Ghost and the Darkness, Men in Black, Jumanji, Vampire Diaries, Gotham, Chicago Fire, Boardwalk Empire, Girl on the Train, and Doctor Sleep are just a few of the films and television shows where Nostalgic Warehouse appears on the silver screen.
Nostalgic Warehouse hardware is meticulously crafted from the highest quality forged brass, which ensures longevity and captures the intricacies of each vintage design.
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Finish Options
From lacquered finishes that keep beauty frozen in time, to living finishes that develop a lovely warm patina, we take special care to deliver quality and consistency.
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We use sustainable policies and environmentally friendly materials as much as possible in our entire manufacturing process.
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