2023 Interior Design Trends We're Excited About

2023 has a lot in store for interior design trends. We’ve researched what’s trending this upcoming year and picked some of our favorites.

If you love everything vintage, this year's trends will be right up your alley. Check out our list below to see which trends we are most excited about.

1. Nostalgic and Vintage Inspired

Vintage pieces will be a focal point of 2023. With coastal grandma and grand millennial style being a significant trend of 2022, it is no surprise that nostalgia-inspired design is here to stay in 2023.

With supply-chain issues over the last few years, designers have gotten creative in sourcing home materials. They’ve been finding pieces at local antique fairies, auction houses, and vintage resellers. We are thrilled to see an appreciation for vintage pieces.

Our Victorian Collection is described as ornate vintage. The Victorian style embraces a "more is more" philosophy, with a penchant for ornamentation, rich colors, intricate patterns, and abundant décor.

Our other vintage-inspired collections include Craftsman, Egg & Dart, and our bestselling New York Collection. We value looking to the past to help bring out the unique character of the design of your home.

vintage ornate door hardware victorian
arts and crafts door hardware craftsman

2. Art Deco

Many elements of Art Deco design are coming back in 2023. Colorful pastels in wallpaper, furniture, bathroom, and kitchen tiles will be frequently seen throughout the year.

As interiors move away from minimalism, we see a renewed interest in decorative Art Deco style. The beauty of clean lines and elegant curves in Art Deco is perfect for home interiors and is easy to implement.

With neutral styles on their way out, the bold playfulness of Art Deco is on the way in. You don't have to go overboard when adding Art Deco elements to your home. Pick pieces that are simple and complement what you already have.

Our Art Deco Collection is a timeless and unique addition to your home. Bold with distinct lines and curves, the sophistication of the 1920s directly inspires our hardware with its devotion to geometric patterns and an array of sleek metallics.

art deco door hardware chrome vintage style

3. Fun Color Palettes

Neutral warm colors are no longer the go-to color palette of 2023. Bold jewel tone colors are hugely making a comeback.

Expect dark forest greens, moody blues, and ruby reds throughout interior design. Look forward to seeing those colors used in bedding, velvet curtains, and furniture pieces. Bold splashes of color will be stunning to see break through across the neutral palette of 2022.

For an easy way to add a burst of color, consider our colored crystal knobs. Our beautiful crystal knobs come in Cobalt Blue, Emerald Green, and Pink. Pair with any of our backplates to best suit your home's style. Get creative with your door hardware this year - you can even design your own.

blue crystal vintage door knob doorknob hardware brass

Use 2023 Design Trends in Your Home

Our absolute favorite design trends this year are anything to do with vintage! These trends are perfect for your home if you enjoy an antique fair or digging for treasure at Goodwill.

To see more vintage style guides, antique-inspired hardware, and home restoration projects, subscribe to our email list. We love all things vintage!

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