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Cottage + Sea was started by Nikki and Steve Carlson to showcase their rental California Cottages. We previously worked with them for the Mint + Sea bungalow cabinet hardware. Our most recent partnership brings us inside their home for lovely door hardware upgrades.

Kathryn Packard Room with Mirror
Kathryn Packard Bedroom Door with Nostalgic Door Hardware

How would you describe the overall quality of the hardware you installed from Nostalgic Warehouse?

The quality of the door knobs is exceptional, characterized by its high-end craftsmanship, sturdiness, and classy design. The crystal knob is of the utmost elegance and luxury, while the brass material exhibits a beautiful, shiny finish that adds to its overall appeal. They elevate and enhance the aesthetic of our home with their exquisite design and luxurious features.

Did any specific features or design elements of the hardware stand out to you?

We were particularly drawn to the exquisite brass finish, the elegant crystal knob, and the vintage aesthetic that perfectly aligns with our design style focused on capturing a home's architectural era. These standout features truly accentuated the overall appeal of the hardware.

Kathryn Packard Room with Mirror
Kathryn Packard Bedroom Door with Nostalgic Door Hardware

Do you have any tips for incorporating hardware details throughout your home?

Here are our suggestions:

Consistency: Choose a consistent style of hardware throughout your home to create a cohesive and unified look. Whether it's doorknobs, cabinet handles, or faucets, having a consistent design theme will tie everything together.

Mix and Match: While consistency is important, feel free to mix and match hardware styles within the same overarching theme. This can add visual interest and depth to your design.

Consider Functionality: Think about the functionality of the hardware in different spaces. For example, choose sturdier and more practical options for high-traffic areas and more decorative pieces for spaces where aesthetics take precedence.

Create Focal Points: Use unique or ornate hardware as focal points in certain rooms. This can draw attention and add a touch of elegance to specific areas.

Contrast and Complement: Hardware can contrast or complement other design elements. For instance, brass hardware against light-colored doors or cabinets can create a striking contrast, while choosing hardware that complements the color scheme enhances harmony.

Upgrade Over Time: If you're on a budget, consider upgrading hardware gradually. Start with high-impact areas like entryways or kitchens, then work through the rest of the house.

Think Beyond Doors: Hardware isn't limited to doors and cabinets. Consider using it on furniture pieces, mirrors, or even as curtain tiebacks to extend the design theme.

Texture and Finish: Pay attention to the texture and finish of the hardware. Matte finishes offer a modern look, while polished finishes evoke a more classic and formal feel.

Personalize: Look for hardware pieces that reflect your personal style and interests for a personalized touch.

Details Matter: Small details like backplates, rosettes, or escutcheons can make a big difference. These elements enhance the overall aesthetic and provide a complete look.

How did you decide which products to use to create a cohesive hardware aesthetic for this project?

We were immediately drawn to the Cottage Short Plate with Round Clear Crystal Knob for its remarkable compatibility with our small coastal cottage renovation. The round knob's comforting design resonated with our vision of creating a welcoming atmosphere. Moreover, the Antique Brass finish and Crystal knob added a touch of high-end elegance that perfectly complemented the cottage's aesthetic. Beyond its visual and tactile appeal, the knob's ergonomic design ensured a comfortable grip, enhancing its functionality. This thoughtful combination of style, comfort, and sophistication played a pivotal role in our decision-making process, helping us achieve a cohesive and enchanting hardware aesthetic that beautifully captures the essence of our coastal retreat.

Kathryn Packard Room with Mirror
Kathryn Packard Bedroom Door with Nostalgic Door Hardware

Have you noticed any improvements in the functionality or aesthetics of your space after installing Nostalgic Warehouse hardware?

Absolutely! Installing Nostalgic Warehouse hardware had a transformative impact on our space, allowing us to make a cost-effective upgrade that yielded impressive results. Instead of replacing entire doors, we painted them and added the exquisite new door hardware. This simple yet strategic decision saved us money and completely revitalized the doors, infusing them with a high-end and fresh appearance. The aesthetics of our space underwent a remarkable improvement, elevating the overall atmosphere and creating a sense of newness. The functional aspect was equally noteworthy; the hardware's smooth operation and ergonomic design enhanced the ease of use, making the doors a joy to open and close. Nostalgic Warehouse proved a game-changer, effortlessly combining affordability, aesthetics, and functionality to breathe new life into our home.

Have you received any compliments or feedback from others regarding the Nostalgic Warehouse hardware in your space?

The hardware in our space has garnered much attention and positive feedback. Numerous people have commented on the remarkable upgrade and the hardware's undeniable high quality. The beautiful design and exceptional craftsmanship of Nostalgic Warehouse have not gone unnoticed, and it's been gratifying to receive compliments and acknowledgments from others who have admired the elegant transformation that the hardware has brought to our space.

Do you want to share additional thoughts or insights about your experience with Nostalgic Warehouse hardware?

Our experience has been nothing short of exceptional. We've fallen in love with the quality, design, and overall aesthetic that these hardware pieces have brought to our home. The careful attention to detail, the seamless blend of style and functionality, and the ease of installation have all made our interaction with Nostalgic Warehouse hardware a delightful journey. Each piece has added a touch of elegance and character to our space, surpassing our expectations and reaffirming our choices. Nostalgic Warehouse has undoubtedly elevated our home's ambiance, and we couldn't be happier with the results.

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Cottage Short Plate with Round Clear Crystal Knob in Antique Brass
Cottage Short Plate with Round Clear Crystal Knob in Antique Brass