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Join us as we glimpse the world of interior design with Meghan, the creative force behind ByMeghanG. With a unique blend of old and new, Meghan's design philosophy transforms spaces into stunning, inviting environments. From sharing valuable tips on home decor to revealing the latest design inspirations, Meghan welcomes us into her world of creativity and style. Follow along to see how she used Antique Brass hardware details to complete her latest bedroom renovation.

nostalgic warehouse door hardware wood door antique brass bymeghang

ByMeghanG began in 2020, born out of a serendipitous moment during an unexpected change. After spending 16 years as a hairstylist, the world decided to take a timeout in 2020, and Meghan suddenly found herself at home without work for several months. Always having a knack for interiors, she started organically sharing her space with the world through social media. It took off quickly; she had people reaching out for help designing their homes and businesses by summer. In the process, Meghan fell in love with creating beautiful spaces for herself and others.

Meghan's design philosophy uniquely blends the old and the new. She cherishes the pieces her clients already love or the family heirlooms they want to preserve, and she often incorporates them into the space's design. She firmly believes that stunning design doesn’t have to come with a hefty price tag. For her, luxury is not synonymous with expense!

Meghan is in the middle of a full-fledged remodel of her family’s 1970s cabin in Vermont and says it has been quite the adventure so far. They prioritized the first-floor bedroom because they needed a place to sleep—sleeping in the living room for the first few months wasn't ideal. Now, Meghan is happy to say the bedroom is complete, and thanks to some amazing brass details sourced from Nostalgic Warehouse, it turned out even more charming than she envisioned.

Meghan told us, “It was love at first sight with Nostalgic Warehouse's New York Collection.” She has a soft spot for that vintage modern aesthetic, and the antique brass finish was just what she envisioned. What caught her eye specifically were the Studio short plates—there's something charmingly unique about them. She also noted, “It might sound small, but swapping out light switch plates and outlet covers can work wonders for a room's aesthetic. Every detail matters!” Her bedroom doors have Nostalgic Warehouse door knobs and hinges, and the transformation of these doors was terrific. The antique brass details brought a touch of sophistication to the room and seamlessly tied the whole look together. She couldn't be happier with the outcome and told us those little design choices genuinely make the space feel complete.

When asked how long her bedroom renovation project took, Meghan said, “It took way longer than I'd like to admit, but it was well worth every minute.” It started with ripping up the disintegrating carpets, tackling popcorn ceiling removal, and re-finishing and customizing doors and closet doors with some intricate woodwork. Painting, installing new light fixtures, laying down new flooring, installing hand-cut ceiling beams, and incorporating wallpaper in the closet followed suit.

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nostalgic warehouse closet double french doors door hardware wood door antique brass bymeghang

Regarding using this hardware in other projects/areas of her home, Meghan said, “I will absolutely use it again! Nostalgic Warehouse's hardware has won me over for life. It's not just about its functionality; it adds a unique touch that transforms any space, elevating it with immediate character and charm. From a design perspective, it stands out like nothing else I've encountered.”

Meghan was eager to share valuable tips and tricks about door hardware, cabinet hardware, and accessories. She emphasizes the subtle yet significant impact of cohesive hardware throughout a space. This detail, often overlooked, can tie everything together. When it comes to door hardware, Meghan advises always considering both functionality and aesthetics. She finds that Nostalgic Warehouse's products strike a perfect balance between style and usability. She also encourages readers not to shy away from mixing and matching hardware styles to add a layer of visual interest to any space.

Additionally, accessories like light switch plates and outlet covers might seem minor, but think of them like a room's jewelry—a thoughtful choice here can elevate the entire look of a room. Her advice is to be bold and open to the small details; you'll be surprised at the significant impact they can have on the overall design.

Meghan’s design style changes based on her surroundings, but she prefers mixing old and new in every space. In her Vermont home, she incorporates a vintage modern aesthetic, where the charm of the 1970s cabin melds with modern elements. Regardless of the space or location, she is always one for mixing and layering textures to achieve a curated look, for example, the warmth of an aged wood against a modern finish. For her, it's about creating an environment that looks and feels inviting.

Design inspiration genuinely springs from everywhere for Meghan. Drawing on her background as a hairstylist, she is used to creativity being sparked by the unexpected and has carried that mindset into her approach to home decor. Travel is another outlet for inspiration. Experiencing different cultures, architecture, and aesthetics guarantees a spark of creativity. And, of course, when needing a quick jolt of inspiration, Pinterest is a go-to. It's always a treasure trove of ideas and gets her mind rolling!

nostalgic warehouse door hardware wood door antique brass bymeghang
nostalgic warehouse door hardware wood door antique brass bymeghang

When starting a new project, Meghan organizes her thoughts and ideas with a mood board. She gathers and curates a visual of the colors, textures, and design elements she plans, which becomes a roadmap for the entire project. It helps to ensure that all the individual pieces will work with the space's concept. As the project unfolds, the mood board adapts and changes to incorporate new ideas, unexpected finds, and the evolving vision for the final result.

The journey to finding and renovating their family home in Vermont was a two-year adventure filled with ups and downs and around 20 offers made on homes before they found “the one.” She noted, “In the end, it felt like this house chose us. We were lucky that the home we ended up with has fantastic bones and beautiful surroundings.” The living room had the most gorgeous original beams and hardwood floors, which added so much character to the home. While other areas of the house, like the bedrooms, bathrooms, and kitchen, were in dire need of significant updates, they were happy that some parts of the home were already perfect, just as they were. It's a mix of the old and the potential for the new that makes renovating this home so exciting.

For those who wish to take on large remodel projects, Meghan’s first and foremost recommendation is to be realistic with your timelines. In her experience, what she initially thought would be a quick, one-day project often turned into a week-long project. Homes don't remodel themselves overnight, so set realistic expectations from the get-go in order to avoid disappointment. She sometimes needs to remind herself of this, too!

Another thing she wanted to touch on is patience. Prepare yourself for bumps in the road and surprises. Significant renovations are an adventure, and adventures come with twists and turns. You might face unexpected issues with the home, realizing your dream countertop is on backorder, or simply encountering the inevitable curveballs that pop up. Having patience is vital to staying sane during a renovation. Lastly, remember to enjoy the process. Renovating a home is a challenge, but it's also a chance to see your vision come to life!

The last thing Meghan wanted to share was to “remember the joy of making a house a home. It's not just about the paint colors and the furniture; it's about the memories you create within those walls. Whether it's movie nights, cooking dinner for friends and family, or simply reading a book in a quiet corner, those moments truly make a home special. So, amidst the paint cans, power tools, and the stress that can come with a home renovation, don't forget to savor the journey and enjoy the everyday magic of turning a space into your little haven.”

Thanks to Meghan for sharing this project and inspiring us with excellent design wisdom!

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