Classic Egg & Dart and Crystal Add Vintage Charm

Megann gresham houze

Our latest partnership brings us a home project from Gresham Houze, an Instagram account created by Megann Gresham to showcase her home DIY projects. She chose our Egg & Dart long plate paired with the Crystal knob in Antique Brass to give her home a touch of vintage charm. Scroll on to see how these doorknobs added instant style!

vintage-inspired brass crystal door hardware nostalgic warehouse megann gresham houze egg & dart
vintage-inspired brass crystal door hardware nostalgic warehouse megann gresham houze egg & dart

Please give us some more details on Gresham Houze. How did you develop it, and what sets it apart?

Gresham Houze began as a showcase of my updates in my new home. Rather than bombarding my friends and family with house projects on my personal page, I started a separate account dedicated to my house and DIY projects- hence, Gresham Houze was born. My account differs from others because I stay true to myself and don’t follow fast trends. I did at one point but quickly realized it wasn’t for me. Now I only do projects that align with my overall vision for my home. I design rooms for form and function that I will love for years. Another aspect that sets me apart is that I rarely work with brands for products or compensation, so when I do, my followers know I genuinely love and endorse the product.

Did you do a remodel on your entire home? If so, were there specific rooms that were more challenging than others? Why?

I have been remodeling my entire home since I moved in four years ago. It has been a constant since move-in day. Some rooms I have redesigned several times, trying to make the space work for my needs and meet my aesthetic preferences. The most challenging project I’ve completed was replacing the flooring in the entire lower level of my home. Laying flooring can be a relatively simple and quick project if a second person is assisting, but I didn’t have that option. Also, I had never installed floors in my life. It took at least a month, and I’ve never been happier to finish a project.

How did you choose the hardware featured in this project? What attracted you to Nostalgic Warehouse?

When I first moved into my home, I experimented with many different design styles to find what suited me the best. When I initially came across Nostalgic Warehouse hardware, my house had a different vibe from what it does now. Still, I instantly loved the doorknobs and wanted them in my home. Sometime later, I decided to transition the spaces that didn’t match my style, and I knew those doorknobs I’d been coveting would be perfect! I love how they look like they came out of a 100-year-old house and how you can mix and match the back plates and knobs to get the look you want. The quality is also top-notch - everything is heavy and solid and will stand the test of time.

vintage-inspired brass crystal door hardware nostalgic warehouse megann gresham houze egg & dart
vintage-inspired brass crystal door hardware nostalgic warehouse megann gresham houze egg & dart

How long did this project take to complete?

The project took me a while because I opted for new doors to go with my new knobs. The doors in my house had a 90s feel, and I couldn’t bring myself to install the vintage-style doorknobs on outdated doors. So I ordered new doors in a more traditional style, and trimming them to fit was no problem. However, it was more nerve-racking than I thought drilling the holes for the doorknob mechanisms would be. Exact measurements were needed, and I procrastinated, worrying I would ruin my new doors. Gladly, everything turned out beautifully.

Will you use this hardware again in other projects/areas of your home? If so, why?

Yes, for sure. Eventually, I want to install the same knobs and doors throughout the lower level of the house. I love the knobs so much that I can’t imagine having anything else, and I know I won’t be satisfied with another style or brand.

Did you learn any tips and tricks about door hardware?

It’s certainly easier to install new doorknobs on doors that already have the holes drilled. Also, there is a jig you can buy and use to help drill everything out if you are using new doors.

What is your design style, and how do you incorporate those decorating decisions within your home?

My current design style is vintage/classic with modern organic features. I like incorporating vintage or antique furniture, board and batten, high baseboards, and built-in bookshelves. Still, I also have more modern-style couches and furniture with clean lines, neutral patterns, and painted stone fireplaces.

Where do you find design inspiration?

I like to peruse Pinterest and Instagram, but I also look to old homes and buildings for inspiration. I’ve visited some 100-year-old homes, noted features I loved (such as tall baseboards), and incorporated them into my home.

vintage-inspired brass crystal door hardware nostalgic warehouse megann gresham houze egg & dart
vintage-inspired brass crystal door hardware nostalgic warehouse megann gresham houze egg & dart

When starting a project, how do you organize and plan for it?

I begin a project by defining what I need from the space functionally and then searching for aesthetic inspiration. I typically scour Pinterest for rooms of the same type (bedroom, bathroom, etc..) and get a feel for the colors and attributes I want to incorporate. I then locate the specific products I want to purchase and combine everything into a mood board to ensure they all flow together, making adjustments as needed.

How did/do you choose a house to buy and renovate?

I chose my house based on its location and the windows. Adding windows is a lot of work; natural light was essential to me. You can’t change the location of a home, so that was top of the consideration list. Otherwise, I only needed to ensure the house size was appropriate and structurally sound. Everything else can be changed!

What are some tips for readers who wish to make a transformation in their home?

Start with paint. It’s something you can easily do on your own, is affordable, makes a substantial visual impact, and is easy to change if you don’t like it.

What is next?

I am redoing my home office, then I’ll move on to my primary bathroom. I have flooring in a hallway to contend with, and then I’d like to repaint my kitchen cabinets. At some point in this timeline, I want to buy or build a tiny house for my southern property to spend more time in the south- I can’t take these northern winters anymore!

Is there anything else you’d like to share?

I want to encourage people to make their house a home! It makes such a difference walking into a relaxing space that makes you happy to look at and is a retreat from the world around us. Skill level doesn’t matter; there is always a way to make your space feel like ‘you.’

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