Deco Style on Traditional French Doors and More

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Theresa Mayer runs the Instagram for TheresaChristineHome, where she documents the entire process of her home build for her family and friends who live out of state. Her account currently focuses on the finishing touches—floating shelves, wall features, wallpaper, and lighting—which she and her husband have done all themselves. Installing Nostalgic Warehouse Deco long plates and Homestead knobs on a pair of French Doors to the study and other doors throughout the home was one of the latest touches they finalized. See the fantastic photos and learn more about Theresa in our latest Project Showcase.

new york brass entry set front door Nostalgic door hardware
deco brass door hardware white doors french doors

Theresa was drawn to our products because, "The quality and designs that Nostalgic Warehouse offers are unmatched. I love anything with a long plate and egg-shaped handle. The Deco design is so different from the others that I naturally gravitated toward it." Because she loves the antique finish options and vintage-inspired designs, she has been eying some of our cabinet hardware for the next project.

deco brass door hardware white doors french doors
deco brass door hardware white doors french doors

Regarding her design style, Theresa loves vintage and modern and tries to combine them as much as possible. She noted, "I am a true mixer of styles, mixing the old with the new." She continuously finds inspiration in nature and magazines. Amber Lewis is a current favorite, but she loves many interior designers and often analyzes their styles.

When starting a project, she creates a design board to get everything out of her head. Once the timeline and budget are in place, she goes for it. Theresa plans the projects, and her husband helps with all the construction details. They chose their current house location and design based on their budget; they had a number in mind and stuck to it. They could then DIY all the extras they wanted in the home.

deco brass door hardware white doors french doors
deco brass door hardware white doors french doors

For those who wish to take on large remodeling projects, Theresa recommends starting small, especially if you are new to DIY. It is easy to get discouraged and overwhelmed; however, there is great satisfaction in seeing one project all the way through. Also, if you are renovating with a partner, be patient with each other. Other tips for readers who wish to transform their homes include planning ahead. Create a design board on Canva to see your vision first. If you are on a budget, splurge on one or two items to elevate the entire space.

Theresa's closing words are: "Have fun creating!!! Your home should directly reflect you and the style YOU love." Thank you, Theresa!

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