Determining Backset Size and Door Thickness

When ordering door hardware, it is important to know what will work with your door. If you have a new door, you may need to create your own bore hole. If you are replacing hardware on an existing door, be sure to measure to determine which backset size will work with your door. Additionally, you will want to measure the thickness of the door to make sure the hardware fits.


To determine the correct backset measurement for your door, you will need to measure the distance from edge of the door to the center of your bore hole. Two common backset measurements are 2 ¾ inches and 2 3/8 inches. At Nostalgic Warehouse, our standard measurement is 2 3/8 inches.

how to measure backset size for door hardware

Door Thickness

The distance from the inside edge to the outside edge of a door is the measurement for door thickness. The industry standard for modern (post-1950) front doors is 1-3/4”. Many interior doors measure 1-3/8” thick. If your door is thicker than 1-3/4”, browse products from Grandeur Hardware, from which thick door kits are available.

chrome door hardware with vintage crystal knobs

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