Easy Upgrades that Increase Home Value

Increasing the value of your home through at-home projects has always been challenging. With so many resources, doing the job yourself has become more accessible — and saves you money!

We’ve put together a list of what we think will be the easiest ways to increase your home's value but won’t break the bank.

Boost Curb Appeal

Spruce up your front door and porch for an easy and inexpensive way to boost curb appeal. A fresh coat of paint on your front door goes a long way in attracting home buyers.

If you have more room in your budget, consider a new front door completely. Metal doors tend to increase the home value more than wood doors. Although, wood doors do have more charm!

To complete your front door makeover, upgrade your entry hardware. Our solid brass hardware adds style and charm to any front door. Impress potential buyers with our New York Handlset with C-Grip.

blue dutch door with antique brass entry set vintage nostalgic warehouse hardware

Easy Kitchen Remodel

You don’t need to gut the whole kitchen to increase home value. You can make many easy and affordable improvements to make your kitchen feel brand new.

Repaint your cabinets to give your kitchen a simple facelift. Neutral colors are preferred for potential home buyers, but if you are a fan of bold colors, go for it!

You can upgrade fixtures throughout your kitchen. Consider changing the switch plate and outlet covers for a simple change. Our covers come in various finishes.

Upgrade your kitchen hardware for added glam. Kitchen hardware goes a long way in adding value to your kitchen. Our solid brass cabinet hardware comes in many different finishes and is stunning on any cabinet door.

Our cabinet hardware is a simple way to create a unique design. Our Victorian Cabinet hardware has ornate details that complement any kitchen. Our Waldorf Crystal cabinet hardware looks gorgeous and classic in kitchens.

antique brass switch plate vintage nostalgic warehouse hardware

Upgrade Interior Door Hardware

Often an overlooked detail is the door hardware. Upgrading interior door knobs is a beautiful and easy update that adds functionality.

Potential homeowners care about the functionality of a home. They don’t want to worry about broken locks or door knobs throughout a home. Although some lock manufacturers use cheaper cast or stamped brass, Nostalgic Warehouse prides itself on craftsmanship and uses only hot-forged brass. This process yields a denser, more robust brass that can accurately display the intricacies of our beautiful vintage designs.

Our vintage-inspired designs have intricate details that stand out in homes. Our bestselling New York Long Plate with New York Knob is a gorgeous upgrade in many homes that never goes unnoticed. Consider upgrading your hardware today with our many different styles.

oil rubbed bronze rustic Nostalgic door hardware

Add Upgrades That Increase Home Value

Do-it-yourself home projects are a simple and effective way to increase your home's value. You can still do many simple projects even if you aren't handy.

Upgrading your hardware is much simpler than people think. Our in-depth directions and on-call customer service department makes installing new hardware a breeze.

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