French Doors Get a Fancy Upgrade with StyledMiCasa

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Emily Maldonado shares home interior tips and tricks on her Instagram, StyledMiCasa. Many of her pointers help prioritize budgets and DIY spaces to create a home you love. We recently partnered with her on hardware upgrades for a few doors throughout her home. Keep reading to learn more about Emily and see how the installation turned out!

Styledmicasa was born from an idea to help provide accessible design for all homeowners. Many of Emily's friends and family couldn't afford interior designers, so they asked for help making their homes look finished. They picked out the furniture but needed help bringing the space together and decorating it. Emily styled the final touches like coffee table décor, curtains, and pillows, giving them a polished look they loved. This led to her creating a business using Instagram.

Over the years, Emily has remodeled five of her own homes and many clients' homes. She finds kitchens and bathrooms the most difficult due to the need to modify layouts to make the spaces functional for today's style of living. Her current home is brand new construction, which is just as important to build character over time. One of the ways she does this is by removing builder-standard items like hardware and lighting and upgrading to something that isn't in every neighbor's home.

antique brass Nostalgic warehouse door hardware french office doors black glass

Emily had researched many types of hardware when choosing finishes. Ultimately, she was drawn to Nostalgic Warehouse due to our timeless designs and high quality. For this project, she installed our Studio short plate with Homestead knob on a set of French Doors, as well as a few other doors in her home. She noted, "Installing the hardware was a breeze. Each knob took less than 30 minutes to install!"

She has a tip for others installing door hardware: install it on the same day if possible. You get faster as you go from one knob to another knob, so doing it all at once keeps the flow going. She also notes that prep is something you can't skip. Remove your old knobs, sand, and touch up paint or stain behind them if necessary. If the shape of your new plate differs from your old one, this is essential to prevent visible marks on the door from the old hardware.

As far as upgrading the remaining hardware in her home, Emily stated, "I will definitely be using Nostalgic Warehouse hardware in the future. How a simple doorknob elevated my home and made it look custom and expensive is amazing!"

antique brass Nostalgic warehouse door hardware french office doors black glass
antique brass Nostalgic warehouse door hardware french office doors black glass

Emily says her design style is organic luxury. She prefers natural materials that live effortlessly and comfortably, like wood and stone, with elevated touches such as brass hardware and formal lighting. Like many other creators, she starts her projects with mood boards to find a color and finish palate. "I won't stray from those initial selections, which helps make decisions and ensures the room is cohesive when finished." From there, she starts logically with what must be installed first in order of contingencies on other elements.

Her recommendations for readers who wish to do an extensive remodel project include finding an expert to help with significant decisions like floor plans and finish selections. Expect the project to take longer than planned (somehow, they always do!), and have a budget for unexpected items. Lastly, don't hesitate to do what you love and make it personal!

As far as tips for readers who wish to transform their homes, Emily recommends setting a budget and making a list of all the items you hope to get within the budget. From there, put a priority number next to each item on the list. This makes you think about the cost vs. the value of those items in your home and lifestyle. Then, you can get the most out of your budget when you execute.

As far as what's next, Emily is excited about the future of Styledmicasa. From e-design packages to full-service designs, it will continue to be fulfilling to help people love their homes and feel like they are making a sanctuary for themselves. She says, "I think our homes reflect who we are. They have the power to make us feel peaceful or overwhelmed. By making them function for our families and reflect our personal styles, they create an environment we want to spend time in and share with our loved ones."

Thank you, Emily!

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