Hardware Updates in a Classy Mountain Condo

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Crystal Ann used her interior design skills to update her family’s mountain condo in Utah. Upgrading door hardware for Oil-Rubbed Bronze Studio short plates with Deco knobs was one of the things that made a big statement. See more about this fun renovation!

oil rubbed bronze door hardware in rustic modern bathroom
oil rubbed bronze door hardware

What is your inspiration for this update?

I wanted us to have a transitional, timeless mountain home.

How do you go about sourcing materials?

For work, I often visit trade shows to make new contacts. I also do a lot of online searching for suppliers.

Did you run into any logistics/shipping delays/items stock issues?

Yes, covid delayed us with certain products or items out of stock, but that pushed us to be creative. Sometimes it is nice to go back to the drawing board and decide if it is worth the wait or to try and find a similar product elsewhere.

What is your favorite part about doing home updates and renovations?

I love seeing the design come together. Looking at the design boards we created and seeing them come to life is extremely rewarding.

What is your least favorite part about home updates and renovations?

It is sometimes difficult to find contractors and workers that are honest and take pride in their work. When we do find these people, it makes the project go by so much smoother.

What is the highlight of this update?

The little details really did make a big impact on this renovation. The paint colors, the hardware, simple things that really tie the room together.

Any tips for our readers?

Renovating is complex, can cost more than planned, and take longer than expected. Being organized, patient and willing to be flexible is critical.

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Studio Short Plate with Deco Knob in Oil-Rubbed Bronze