History of Glass and Crystal Door Knobs

Glass and crystal door knobs are a common sight in many older homes, adding a touch of elegance and charm to their décor. But how did they come to be so popular?

Learn more about the origin of glass door knobs and how you can use crystal door knobs in your home.

Glass Door Knob History

The origins of glass door knobs can be traced back to the early 1800s when a growing middle class began to demand more refined and ornate home furnishings. At the time, door handles were typically made from wood or metal, and while functional, they lacked the decorative appeal that many homeowners were looking for.

It was during this time that glass door knobs became an appealing option. They were first produced in the United States in the early 1800s, with some of the earliest examples being made by the Boston and Sandwich Glass Company. These early glass door knobs were simple in design, often featuring just a single color or a simple pattern.

Glass door knobs gained more popularity in the United States around the time of WW1. Brass, bronze, and iron hardware were in short supply because metals were needed to make airplanes and ammunition. During that era, glass knobs would feature six to twelve different facets. Less common but still beautiful were colored glass knobs offered in many shades of blue, emerald green, and amber.

Glass Door Knobs Today

Glass door knobs can commonly be found in antique shops or in older homes. They can also be expertly recreated in gorgeous lead-free crystal. Here at Nostalgic Warehouse, we take cues from the past when creating our crystal knobs. Each is meticulously shaped and polished with sculptural arcs and angles that add visual and tactile interest.

a bowl full of lemons waldorf crystal knob vinatge Nostalgic door hardware

Our best-selling Waldorf Crystal Knob is reminiscent of the past but works meticulously well. We pride ourselves on craftsmanship and use only hot-forged brass in all of our products to ensure quality through every use.

Also inspired by the past, our colored crystal knobs come in cobalt blue, emerald green, pink, black, and a beautiful milk glass white. Classic colors that look beautiful in a home renovation or a modern build.

Add Crystal to Your Home

Add some sparkle and history to your home with crystal door and cabinet hardware. We have crystal knobs in a variety of styles to easily match your home aesthetic.

Experiment with old and new by adding crystal door hardware or cabinet details to your beautiful home today.

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