Project Showcase: A Honey of a Farmhouse

Katie Stapleton runs the Instagram account, A Honey of a Farmhouse, detailing her family’s journey to build their dream farmhouse. They lost their previous house to a fire but turned lemons into lemonade by building a beautiful farmhouse, a project that took nine months to complete. So far, the laundry room has been the most challenging room in the new house since it is one of the most used. Finding a balance between aesthetics and function was a little tricky, but they were able to find a solution with small accents such as cabinet and door hardware.

farmhouse laundry room brass hardware details
brass farmhouse cup pulls

Katie and her husband had previously installed the Meadows plate in Antique Brass with a porcelain knob for their laundry room door and absolutely loved them. Wanting to stick with the Antique Brass finish, they incorporated the Meadows cabinet knobs and Farmhouse cup pulls in the laundry room for added details. Since Katie is attracted to authentic antique furniture and decor, she loves that Nostalgic Warehouse produces new hardware with a historical look.

Katie was very impressed by the quality of the knobs, noting they are heavy and solid, perfect for a cabinet getting a lot of use. Her husband built a folding table and potting table that both have faux drawer fronts that were made to appear functional with added cabinet hardware. Having never used hardware on faux drawers before this project, Katie noted, “Don’t be afraid to try something unconventional!”

Katie’s design style is Victorian-inspired- the things she is attracted to most tend to be Victorian-style antiques. Her distinct style is inspired by the past, and she often bases most design decisions for each room around a historic look. She tries to enhance that feeling of “days gone by” by incorporating as many antique pieces as possible into the new house. Katie has gathered inspiration throughout her life from her grandparents’ and parents’ authentic farmhouses. She mimicked many details from their homes in her new build.

farmhouse laundry room vintage brass hardware porcelain knob
brass farmhouse cup pulls

When asked what advice she would give to those wanting to begin a large remodel or building project, Katie suggests finding land or space you love and really focusing on the details. Even though building a new home can be overwhelming, she found that creating “dream boards” for each room helped keep the project attainable. By layering pictures and sketches of what she wanted for each space, she was able to focus on the small design details that often had a big impact.

For her family, regardless of what home they built, they knew that they had to love the land that it was on. When they bought the property several years ago, they fell in love with the landscape including the trees, pond, and hayfield. They were inspired by their little farm to build a farmhouse reminiscent of one built 100+ years ago..

Their house plan was actually nicknamed “A Honey of a Farmhouse” by the architectural company that sells it. When they began their build, there were almost no other social media accounts dedicated to building this house plan. Katie wanted people who were interested in the plan to be able to find her page easily and the name “A Honey of a Farmhouse” stuck for her because it really is a “gem” of a house. On her Instagram page, Katie shares the good, the bad, and the ugly. She has taken followers through every part of the building process so she can be a resource to others building and styling their home.

Up next, Katie will be working on the pantry and can’t wait to incorporate Nostalgic Warehouse hardware into that space. After that, the family plans to work on the exterior of their beautiful home. They plan on sprucing up a part of the barn for a chicken coop, creating a garden, working on landscaping, building a backyard patio, and working on an orchard.

Thanks to Katie for sharing this fun laundry room project!

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Meadows Cabinet Knob in Antique Brass
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Farmhouse Medium Cup Pull in Antique Brass
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