Project Showcase: Allie Boss

white porcelain door knob farmhouse style

Allie Boss has a large following on Instagram because of her honest take on motherhood. She started the account in 2014 to connect with new moms who were going through the same things she was. Since then, she has built a community for people to feel connected and less alone during their struggles. Community is everything, and Allie loves creating a space for women to feel welcome.

As one can see while perusing her account, it has grown to include beautiful photos of the family’s new farm. From cute animals to charming home decor, followers will see Allie’s vintage style shine. She capitalizes on the fashionable shabby chic and farmhouse looks, and finds inspiration on Pinterest and Instagram accounts. She also draws ideas from the Magnolia queen herself, Joanna Gaines.

kittens and door hardware farmhouse style shabby chic

She recently upgraded the home’s door hardware with pieces from Nostalgic Warehouse. Since she is a fan of feminine, vintage, and floral design trends, our products were a perfect fit for her design aesthetic. She also felt it fit her need for new, functional hardware with an old-school look. In some rooms, she used the Cottage short plate with White Porcelain knob for a farmhouse look. She also incorporated our Egg & Dart long plate with Crystal knob to add glamor and shine. She gets compliments all the time on the doorknobs, so we are glad it all worked out!

Allie’s advice to people who want to get involved in farmhouse-inspired projects is to go for what you love and follow your heart on style. Figure out the feel you want to portray and find what speaks to you! She also recommends not sweating the small stuff while building. There will be plenty of minor problems, but in the end, they usually aren’t as big of a deal as you thought. Follow your heart and do what YOU like; don’t let outside opinions affect your decisions.

vintage door hardware white porcelain

Up next for the Boss Farmhouse is finishing some little indoor projects, and then a garden with lots of flowers, fruits, and veggies. The family is also building a barn soon so they can add to their family of four-legged creatures.

Thanks again to Allie for the great photos!

Featured Product

Egg & Dart Long Plate with Crystal Knob in Antique Brass
Egg & Dart Long Plate with Crystal Knob in Antique Brass
Cottage Short Plate with White Porcelain Knob in Antique Brass
Cottage Short Plate with White Porcelain Knob in Antique Brass