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Jessica Reilly is the designer behind the blog and Instagram account, Domicile 37. She recently redid the main bathroom in her home and incorporated Nostalgic Warehouse accessories, cabinet hardware, and door hardware to add character. Since we had previously worked with Jessica, doing so again was a no-brainer – her style is incredibly unique! See what inspires Jessica and learn some tips and tricks on the way.

As one can see while visiting her blog and Instagram, Jessica’s design style is eclectic, with European inspiration sprinkled in. She is in awe of the traditional stylings and bold patterns seen in European interiors. They are the style-makers, in her opinion. Designers who currently inspire Jessica are Beata Heuman, Pierce and Ward, and the company House of Hackney. “The mood these designers evoke with their work speaks to my soul,” she says.

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As far as decorating decisions, most of them depend on what is accessible during her projects. Depending on what project she is working on, it can take months to organize and plan. Her bathroom, for example, was something she planned out on a drawing pad and in her head for years. However, sourcing the materials and coming up with a concept took weeks to a few months to organize and make it into a reality.

Jessica has mainly completed only cosmetic projects in her house until this fairly extensive bathroom remodel, which took months to complete. She and her husband had planned on renovating it before the disruptions of Covid-19. They took a sledgehammer to it one day, but the project ended up sitting for months. Once they decided to hire contractors, it took only nine days to complete.

Since Jessica has collaborated with us in the past, she wanted to incorporate our hardware into her bathroom renovation. She notes, “Nostalgic Warehouse products always add that bit of soul and luxury I look for in a space.” She included New York switch plates and cabinet hardware, Schoolhouse coat hooks, and a Classic rosette and Round Clear Crystal knob, all in Antique Brass finish, into the room. These small details add up for a significant impact on the bathroom’s overall glamorous look.

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In the future, Jessica plans to remodel the guest bathroom and accessorize it with Nostalgic Warehouse hardware. She would also like to switch out the outlet and switch plate covers throughout her home so they all match, giving her home a cohesive, custom look.

As far as tips for readers who want to start home projects, Jessica is a firm believer in hiring help if you don’t have the patience to do it yourself. She recommends getting multiple quotes, writing a contract you and your contractors will sign off on, and setting up a payment plan. She also notes not to pay everything before the work is done and have an agreed-on completion date.

Jessica’s blog, Domicile 37, originally started as an interior design journal where she shared interiors she loves. She also shares her window shopping and thrifted treasures she has found throughout the years. She hopes to eventually produce her own product line while continuing to design and decorate her home. Thanks again, Jessica, for sharing your beautiful work with us!

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