Project Showcase: For the Home

Christine Higgs started her blog, For the Home, as a place to share her projects and details in a more permanent space. Her design background is incorporated to help her broad audience with both styling and design. The unique style behind the current home remodel is influenced by both Christine and her husband. They are inspired by European and industrial design, incorporated with their own unique touch. This can be seen in their choice of including a glass living room wall and a fireplace designed from cardboard.

brass flush catch cabinet hardware

During their current home remodel, they were challenged by the decisions for permanent fixtures and details in their kitchen and master bath. Christine chose Nostalgic Warehouse cabinet hardware for her kitchen because she wanted hardware that would last, and that she wouldn’t grow tired of. She knew picking high-quality hardware throughout the house would have an amazing impact on its overall appearance. The front door hardware was also replaced with a Nostalgic Warehouse New York Entry set. The Antique Bronze color really pops against the dark door!

brass entry front door hardware for the home

One tip Christine recommends when working with cabinet hardware is to measure, measure, measure. They measured a total of five times for this project and in the end, there were no issues with placement. She loves how the project turned out, and notes, “If there is a project I will need new hardware for, Nostalgic Warehouse will be my first and final stop! The style is timeless, and the quality is amazing.”

green cabinets brass cup pulls hardware brass outlet covers

As far as tips for readers who want to embark on a remodeling project, Christine suggests they go for it! Do the demolition yourself and you just may come up with some design ideas in the process. Don’t worry about the unknown- renovation is 100% what you make of it.

green cabinets antique brass cup pulls hardware

Featured Product

Plain Bin Pull in Antique Brass
Plain Bin Pull in Antique Brass
Plain Flush Catch in Antique Brass
Plain Flush Catch in Antique Brass
New York Outlet Cover in Antique Brass
Antique Brass Outlet Cover
New York Handleset with C-Grip in Antique Brass
New York Handleset Entry Hardware