Project Showcase: Installation Tips from Sincerely, Sara D.

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Sara Davis, the author behind the very successful DIY home décor blog, Sincerely, Sara D., recently updated the door hardware in her home with the Studio short plate and Black Porcelain knob. She wrote a great blog tutorial on how to install door hardware and posted a very helpful video for those who want to watch the entire process. Read on to learn about Sara and her hardware update.

brass hardware porcelain black knob
brass hardware porcelain black knob

Sara’s blog began as a place where she sold custom stationery and invitations. She slowly began sharing some of her home décor projects and realized she loved DIY home décor more than creating stationery, so the DIY home décor blog was created. Most of her projects and tutorials focus on DIY projects to achieve a sophisticated, high-end look without spending a fortune.

As far as her design inspiration, Sara loves the elegance of the past. She is inspired by the decor and dress found on PBS TV period pieces. While in Washington D.C., she couldn’t get enough of Washington’s home, Mt. Vernon. She is also an avid follower of the gorgeous imagery on the Chateau de Gudanes’s Instagram account. This inspiration carries over into her design style, as Sara tends to lean towards more elegant, traditional design ideas. Themes throughout her projects include symmetry, pops of color, and dreamy, neutral designs.

When starting on a project, Sara always begins with a budget and timeline. She has found that DIY projects give her more budget to work with while having the timeline gives her motivation to complete more projects. For smaller projects, she makes lists for the supplies needed and typically schedules one day to complete the projects. Sara encourages readers wanting to start their own home DIY projects to just go for it – jump in and get your feet wet! She suggests beginning with easy DIY projects like painting furniture to slowly gain confidence and build up to gutting and remodeling a bathroom.

brass hardware porcelain black knob

Sara has admired Nostalgic Warehouse’s hardware for quite some time. Her home is “French chateau” in style, and she has been on a mission to create a classic look throughout. She loves the timeless aspect of Nostalgic Warehouse’s hardware. While she was slightly intimidated at installing her first doorknob, she found it was quite easy. After installing the first set, she was able to install the others in under five minutes each. Sara would love to use more Nostalgic Warehouse hardware throughout her entire home – she finds it gorgeous. It adds the timeless sophistication she wants throughout her home.

Sara loves the entire process of sharing how to create beautiful spaces. She feels lucky that her blog allows her to do what she loves while creating an income for her family. She plans to continue until she feels a stronger attraction to something new

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