Square vs. Rounded Corners

Door hardware comes with many design options. While doorknobs and plates are the most visual pieces, users should still pay attention to the smaller parts, including hinges, faceplates, and strike plates. While most people prefer the finish and look of their hinges to match the rest of the interior door hardware, they don’t always have to. However, pieces that will match the door hardware (because that’s the way they’re sold) include the faceplate and strike plate.

Nostalgic Warehouse door sets ship standard with square faceplates and strike plates, but customers can request rounded (often called “radius”) corners on these parts. While some may base their decision simply on how their doors have been prepped, others may have a more specific look in mind, requiring either rounded or square corners.

More modern, geometric looks typically have square corners, including our New York and Studio plates. Arts & Crafts looks such as the Mission and Craftsman styles also have more geometric features. Square corners offer a cleaner, more sophisticated appearance.

square corners brass door hardware

By contrast, round corners offer a softer, more casual look, lending a subtle feeling of coziness. Styles such as our Deco long plate, Cottage short plate, or our Classic or Rope rosettes may look better with round corner accessories. Many door hardware companies commonly prep door faceplate and strike plate areas with rounded corners as their standard.

chrome door hardware crystal knobs round corners

If your doors are prepped for rounded corners, and you prefer square corners, it is very easy to chisel out the area to accommodate the square, so it sits flush.

Nostalgic Warehouse faceplates are 2 1/4″ high by 1″ wide. The rounded corners have a 1/4″ radius. Our strike plates are 2 1/4″ high by 1 3/4″ wide, and the rounded corners also have a 1/4″ radius.

If you would like to order hardware sets with rounded corner parts, please contact our customer support team by calling 1-800-522-7336, emailing support@nostalgicwarehouse.com, or contacting us here. You can also get in touch with a showroom in your area.