Style Q&A: Entryway Envy with Ashley Mayes

Style Q&A: Entryway Envy with Ashley Mayes

Lifestyle and design blogger, Ashley, is the creative brains behind the blog, Bigger Than the Three of Us. In her blog, she shares her renovating journey – detailing her design style in her Missouri home.

Ashley Mayes

Meet the Missouri renovating and DIY expert, Ashley from Bigger Than the Three of Us. You can regularly find DIY projects, design ideas, home improvement tutorials and the occasional family post on her website.

She recently participated in the One Room Challenge (ORC) where she updated her entryway with a modern, eclectic vibe using Nostalgic Warehouse products. Read below to learn about her ORC journey and to view the final reveal!


Tell us about your design style and how you incorporate your design strategy.

In my dream home, my design style would definitely be mid-century modern with a laid-back vibe. With my current home, I have to mesh what I love (mid-century, eclectic) with the bones of my house which are classic and traditional. For me, I start off with a piece that I love and that piece usually falls into a more mid-century or eclectic vibe. Then, I put that piece in a design board and add other elements in that I think will work. When I get to a design that I like, I evaluate that design with what we already have in our house to make sure it would flow well.

What are some tips for readers who want to make a transformation to their entryway?

I’d recommend figuring out what bugs you the most about your space and try to change that first. You aren’t going to love your space if you aren’t addressing the issue that you hate. If you just have the budget to update your space (not renovate), never overlook the power of paint or what a few small changes can do to transform the space. Sometimes, the smallest details can really make the space.

How did you choose the hardware featured in your entryway? What attracted you to Nostalgic Warehouse?

My eye was immediately drawn to the Studio Short Plate and the New York Knob. I really loved the combo but then I tried the Craftsman Knob with the Studio Short Plate and just fell in love. The doors I picked for the makeover had their own flair and I wanted the hardware to be able to be a showstopper on their own. Both options were so lovely but I thought the Craftsman Knob with the Short Plate would add just a bit extra to my space. I was drawn to Nostalgic Warehouse because I was looking for hardware that would add something “special” to my space and was high quality.

Tell us how you chose your entryway to be entered in the One Room Challenge.

I’ve participated in the ORC a few times but each time before this round had been spaces that I’d worked on before and just no longer matched the feel of our house. So, spaces that we used but weren’t decorated in my style. This time around, I wanted to focus on a space that we used every day and just felt like a downer to us. I was sick of walking by the entryway and hating the space, so that’s why I decided to makeover the entryway this time around.

Did you learn anything new about door hardware along the way that you think would be beneficial to others?

Yes! I had no idea there were different types of door hardware for each style of door (for example: privacy, passage, etc.).


What’s next for you and your renovations?

I’m planning on a small update in our sunroom. It needs lots of cleaning, painting and decor but I’m excited to tackle a space that hasn’t been touched. Later this year, I think I’m going to start renovating our basement. It’ll be a HUGE project but one that would add so much value to our daily living.

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