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Style Q&A: Renovation Experts Bill & Angela Knutson

Angela & Bill Knutson are the husband and wife duo behind Driftwood Living. They design/build and sell inspired homes in the up-and-coming neighborhood of Arcadia, Arizona – taking their clients from “House to Home”.


Meet Angela Knutson, one part of the husband/wife team Driftwood Living. Angela and her husband Bill are a rare duo that specializes in design, construction and real estate in the Arcadia Neighborhood in Phoenix and Scottsdale, Arizona.

Recently, Angela and Bill renovated their own mid-century home in Arcadia, which prominently featured products from Nostalgic Warehouse. Read below to learn more about their remodel and how they are helping others find and renovate their dream home.



Tell us about your remodel?

We remodeled our entire home. We did the remodel in two phases. Our house is a 1950’s ranch house that needed some MAJOR love. It had a confusing floor plan and additions added that went horribly wrong! We bought this house knowing it had potential and we wanted to make it our own!

Phase 1: Bedroom/Bathrooms
We raised up all the ceilings, reworked the layout of some of the rooms, updated the bathrooms, new HVAC system, flooring, baseboards and paint.

Phase 2: Everything else!
We had to move out for this phase! We vaulted the ceilings, completely removed all the remaining interior walls and reworked the floor plan. We added an entry, a new master bedroom wing, along with a mudroom and laundry room. Everything from floor to ceiling is brand new. On the exterior, we reworked the entire look of the house and designed a new patio as well!


Tell us about your design style and how you chose the hardware featured in your remodel.

Our design style is what we call “ Modern Farmhouse.” We love the rustic details of a farmhouse look, but keeping things clean with a modern twist.

Since we painted our interior doors a creamy black, we were looking for a clean white door knob for them. Nostalgic Warehouse had the perfect option for us with the White Porcelain Knobs, and we have continued to use them in our other projects.


Give us some more details on your business, Driftwood Living. How did you develop your business and what sets it a part from the rest?

We are a husband/wife team that specialize in real estate, construction, and design. It is rare to find a team that does all 3! We are known for our “House to Home” projects, which include finding project homes for clients, and helping them do a renovation to make it their dream home.

We are set apart from others because we can act as their realtors, walk into a house and envision exactly the perfect renovation for them, then actually make it a reality and build them their new home with our construction company – Uptown Construction.


How did you decide on the up and coming area of Arcadia, AZ to start your business?

We love the neighborhood charm! It fits our style perfectly. We also live in the neighborhood and wouldn’t want to live anywhere else due to the lush landscaping and central location.


A lot of people are wanting to get involved in large remodeling projects. How do you go about choosing a house to buy and renovate?

We are always searching for homes on the MLS and asking the neighborhood about selling their homes to us. Once we find a home, the purchase price + construction costs need to make sense to result in a sales price to make a profit. Once all of that makes sense financially, we begin the fun stuff!


What’s next for Driftwood Living? Other than your own home, are you working on any build-to-sell properties?

We will continue to build spec homes and also homes for our clients. Currently, we have a $3M French country estate, a $3.5M Formal French Estate, and a three lot sub-division in the works consisting of three more estates.

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