Style Q&A: Morgan Bullard

Morgan Bullard is an Instagram influencer who showcases her family and lovely home online. In their latest renovation, she decided to use Nostalgic Warehouse door hardware with crystal knobs throughout the house to add a chic, farmhouse vibe. Read our latest Style Q&A to learn more about Morgan and their big renovation project.

What is your design style?

I call it modern farmhouse chic – I love bright whites, golds, with vintage touches!

From where or whom do you find design inspiration?

I love getting lost while browsing Pinterest. Some of my favorite design accounts to follow for inspiration on Instagram are Serena and Lily, Studio Mcgee, Caitlin Wilson Design, Life on Cedar Lane, and Kristy Wicks.

When starting a design project, how do you organize and plan for it?

I create mood boards and different collages so that I can see everything together in one space. I usually start with 1-2 focal pieces and then base the rest of the room off of that.

morgan bullard hallway door hardware

You recently did a major remodel on your home. Were there specific rooms that were more challenging than others regarding design?

Our house was built in the early 2000s, and we wanted it to be the modern farmhouse chic style we love. For me, the hardest space to design was the kitchen remodel – our layout was pretty restricted on what we could do, but after MANY hours, we got it perfect. I got my dream 8’+ island, and I LOVE it!

How did you choose the hardware featured in this project? What attracted you to Nostalgic Warehouse?

I spent a lot of time looking at different styles, and I have always loved classic finishes like polished nickel (we used in the master bath) and brass (a lot of our lighting fixtures and all of our cabinet pulls). I’ve always swooned over vintage, crystal knobs. Our favorite coffee shop in town has real vintage ones (it’s an ancient building that is beautiful), and ever since I saw them there, I’ve always said I want them in my home!

Will you use this hardware again in other projects/areas of your home? If so, why?

Yes! Door hardware is such an easy and fun way to add your personality and style to something that seems so mundane (a door). It has helped change the look of the entire main level and upstairs of our home.

black hardware crystal knob

Did you learn any tips and tricks about door hardware along the way that you think would be beneficial for others?

Keep the privacy keys on hand! With two kids under two years old, I have a feeling they will come in handy to use very soon

How did you go about choosing what hardware styles to include in your home?

We used the same knob style with different length backplates that were all the same color and style. I wanted the main doors to have a bolder backplate with the faux keyhole, so we went with the New York long plate. I then wanted the smaller doors like bathroom and closet doors to have the shorter, more simple plates, so we went with the Studio short plates on those doors.

What are some recommendations for readers who want to do an extensive remodel project in their home?

Have patience, stick to your guns, and enjoy the process. Remember, it’s your home – don’t let anyone else tell you what you want or need. We had to do things over a few times because they weren’t how I envisioned them. Even though it was a pain to start over, looking back now, I am SO glad that I love the final product!

Please give us some more details on Morgan Bullard as a business and Instagram influencer account. How did you develop it, and what sets it apart from the rest?

I started out sharing a lot of beauty and hair tips. It slowly transformed into sharing my everyday style through outfits, and then my daily life once we had kids. My home is a reflection of my style, and I have loved making our home truly a reflection of our family and style! As far as standing out from the rest, I genuinely pride myself on sharing things I love. I follow other accounts and browse Pinterest for inspiration. Still, I think originality, authenticity, and relating to people by being vulnerable and showing the not so “perfect” moments has helped me continue to grow and stand out.

What is next?

We are currently enjoying our two little ones! We love watching our girls create memories in the home we had so much fun making our own. As far as the house, I want to focus on the outdoor area. We have a gorgeous pool and outdoor living area, and I’m so excited to spend a lot of time out there this summer. I would also like to finish our theater room in the basement.

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