The Arched Manor Decks out Their Doors

John and Megan from The Arched Manor

The Arched Manor is a blog and lifestyle brand created by Virginia couple Megan and John soon after they moved into their current home. They are big DIYers, and the house needed a lot of work. They recently installed hardware from our New York Collection because it has a timeless design that complements many different styles. Our latest Project Showcase highlights this door hardware update from The Arched Manor.

black doors antique brass vintage door hardware nostalgic warehouse new york style
black doors antique brass vintage door hardware nostalgic warehouse new york style

Megan and John moved into The Arched Manor a little over three years ago. Several things drew them to this home in particular, including its uniqueness. They had not seen a floor plan like it and loved its originality and the number of arches (hence the name). They also fell in love with the land, having a big backyard for their kids and dog to play in. Lastly, the was a fixer-upper, which was just what they were looking for. It noticeably needed repairs, some minor, some major… but they knew they could put their own spin on it over time.

While Megan and John have yet to complete the remodel of their entire house, they are excited about all the upcoming projects! Their dining room renovation is one of the most difficult projects they have done so far. They replaced our fireplace surround, mantel, and hearth, which was a new challenge that taught them a lot. Since they had anticipated needing less drywall repair after removing the existing molding from the walls, the additional work set them back in their schedule, as did the molding installation process (measuring, cutting, nailing, wood fill, caulking, and painting). Even though it was a challenge, it was worth it, and they are thrilled with the finished product!

black foyer doors antique brass vintage door hardware nostalgic warehouse new york style

The most challenging part about their door hardware update project was finding the time in their crazy schedule to do it. However, once they got started, the installation flew by! During the process, their old hardware gave them the most trouble, and did not want to be dismantled. Once they had the doors ready for the new hardware, the installation directions for the new Nostalgic Warehouse hardware were thorough and made it an easy task.

The New York-style hardware was an easy design choice for the home because it has a timeless look that will always stay in style - simple and not too ornate. Megan noted, "The backplate elevates the design and makes the entire door look more custom. Also, the Antique Brass finish perfectly complements our black doors." They love the heavy-duty and high-quality feel of the hardware. Also, as mentioned above, it has a timeless design that can complement many different design styles.

Megan and John learned the importance of not over-tightening the door hardware during installation. Their initial thought was to fasten the hardware to the door and make it as tight as possible. However, they soon learned that if you secure the hardware too tight, you can jam the latching mechanism, and the knob becomes a bit "sticky." Keeping the screws snug (but not overly tight) allows the latch to work perfectly.

black office french doors antique brass vintage door hardware nostalgic warehouse new york style
arched manor foyer black doors brass hardware

When asked what her design style is, Megan said, "We coined our design style as 'Formasual.'" They try their best to make fewer trendy decisions and lean more on the classic side. They then like to pair those decisions with casual and family-friendly furniture that creates a bright, inviting, and relaxed space.

Megan and John organize and plan their projects by discussing how they want to use the space and writing down some initial ideas. From there, they research inspiration on the internet and social media. Megan stated, "We love following prominent designers and smaller DIY accounts similar to ours with amazing ideas." Lastly, since they are very visual, they use SketchUp to build a 3-D Rendering of the design, making them confident in their decisions and purchases.

Megan's tips for those who wish to take on an extensive home remodel are, "If the thought of a remodel stresses you out, seek professional help! If you are excited about taking it on, that is awesome!" She believes in doing your best to get your ducks in a row before you begin. List out all the different contractors you may work with and all the tasks and purchases that need to be completed. Being organized in the beginning will pay off in the long run.

She also emphasizes the importance of figuring out the style you're drawn to. Once you find out what style makes you feel most at home, shop for materials, furniture, and decor that mimic your inspirational photos and your vision for the space. Last but not least, always make sure to have a 20% buffer in both your timeline and your budget.

Thank you to Megan and John for sharing your home with us! The Arched Manor is a beauty!

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