The Benefits of Brass

Antimicrobial properties make unlacquered brass hardware a smart choice.

Avoiding germs and creating a safe living environment has become increasingly important during the COVID-19 pandemic, especially when it comes to points of frequent contact like door handles. We are pleased to share the encouraging news about the natural antimicrobial qualities of brass doorknobs and hardware. Copper and copper alloys like brass and bronze have recently been registered at the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency as the first solid antimicrobial material. This is thanks to its natural ability to kill certain viruses on contact, like MRSA, Staph, Influenza A, E-Coli, and the human coronavirus. A virus can survive just minutes on a copper or brass surface, compared to weeks on a stainless steel one. Studies have shown that surfaces made of uncoated copper, brass or bronze, begin neutralizing bacteria immediately, killing more than 99.9% within two hours*. An unlacquered solid brass doorknob actually has a chemical reaction that helps reduce germ build-up. Scientists refer to it as the “oligodynamic effect,” a term for the toxic effect metal ions in brass have on bacteria.

We offer a beautiful unlacquered finish that unleashes our brass hardware’s intrinsic protections. The absence of a lacquer coating releases the natural antibacterial properties of brass, helping to create a more healthful environment by effectively reducing bacteria and germs on the hardware surfaces. Unlacquered Brass is a “living finish” option that gradually changes color over time. It develops a warm patina due to exposure to the elements and natural oils from hands during daily use. Unlacquered hardware still needs to be gently cleaned regularly. It may be polished to maintain a particular look or allowed to gracefully age with vibrant, deep color. The living finish option is available on all of our interior door hardware, allowing customers to create looks to suit their own unique styles and preferences.

*Works cited: Copper Development Association: Antimicrobial Copper

unlacquered brass antimicrobial door hardware

We also have several traditional lacquered brass finishes that do not feature the same microbial properties, yet are equally beautiful. All lacquered finishes have a surface coating that prevents the brass from tarnishing or aging. They are impressively durable and maintain their like-new good looks for decades. All lacquered products use an electrophoretic, dipped coating for maximum beauty and protection.

Our lacquered brass options include Antique Brass, Polished Brass, and Lacquered Brass. Antique Brass is for anyone who likes the look of aged brass but doesn’t want to wait for Unlacquered Brass to gather a patina. It is polished and relieved, then satin-lacquered to lock-in its appearance. The Antique Brass finish is beautiful, with a softer look than polished brass. Our Polished Brass finish is our most traditional. It continually goes in and out of style and makes almost everything look good, just like gold jewelry. The Lacquered Brass finish for our entry hardware. It is a PVD polished brass option. PVD stands for physical vapor deposition, a process used to create a very durable, corrosion and tarnish-resistant finish. This is similar in appearance to highly polished brass. PVD finish is commonly used for bathroom fixtures and entry hardware exposed to frequent moisture and/or salt air.

antique brass closet door hardware

If the gold hue of brass isn’t your style, we also have five other finish options. No matter what finish you choose, you can rest easy knowing we spend time and effort to achieve beautiful, flawless finishes on our products.

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