Unlacquered Brass Kitchen Cabinet Hardware Has A Moment

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Are you looking for some design inspiration for your home? Look no further than Little Shobements, an Instagram account created by Emily Shobe, who took advantage of the COVID lockdown to document her remodeling journey. From adding custom touches to a new home to incorporating vintage pieces, Emily's style perfectly blends modern and traditional. Keep reading to learn how Emily elevated her kitchen with high-quality cabinet hardware from Nostalgic Warehouse.

little shobements emily shobe unlacquered brass cabinet hardware white cabinet knobs pulls knob pull kitchen
little shobements emily shobe unlacquered brass cabinet hardware white cabinet knobs pulls knob pull kitchen

Please give us some more details on Little Shobements. How did you develop it, and what sets it apart?

I started LittleShobements during COVID and quarantine. I had more time at home with the kids and wanted to document what we were doing. It has transformed since then, but I love looking back at those early days.

Did you remodel your entire home? If so, were there specific rooms that were more challenging than others? Why?

We built a new house almost two years ago and have slowly made it our own by adding custom touches. We added built-ins, updated a mudroom with lockers and board and batten, and installed LVP flooring. I could never settle on kitchen hardware, and that's when I found Nostalgic Warehouse.

How did you choose the hardware featured in this project? What attracted you to Nostalgic Warehouse?

I wanted an unlacquered brass finish due to the natural color change over time, but I couldn't settle on a style. Pull or knob? What size? It was all too much. When I found Nostalgic Warehouse, I knew I had found the perfect hardware I was looking for. It has a vintage feel that goes perfectly in our home. The quality is unmatched. It is so sturdy, and the finish on the unlacquered brass is beautiful.

Will you use this hardware again in other projects/areas of your home? If so, why?

I will use Nostalgic Warehouse for everything! Next up is switching out the door handles. Stay tuned for that project!

Did you learn any tips and tricks about cabinet hardware that would benefit others?

What helped me the most was putting painter's tape on my cabinets in the same space and size the hardware would take up. This way, I could see if I liked a knob, bar pull, or cup pull better. Suppose I wanted the 3-inch or the 4-inch; it helped me to visualize what I wanted.

What is your design style, and how do you incorporate those decorating decisions within your home?

I like to call my style modern grandma! I love incorporating vintage pieces into my newly built home. My girls have floral wallpaper in their rooms, and we have a refinished dresser that was mine as a baby. We have vintage prints, rugs, and even stadium seats from a torn-down local high school!

Where do you find design inspiration?

I love nature and bringing the outdoors inside. We have a sunroom filled with fiddle leaf plants and olive trees. I love going antiquing and to vintage markets. Vintage textiles always get me! Whenever we travel, I come back with new ideas for our home. Seeing how other cultures use their spaces and what they look like always inspires me to try something new.

When starting a project, how do you organize and plan for it?

Sometimes, I find one item, and the whole room develops around it. Sometimes, I sit down and plan out every detail at the beginning. And sometimes, I go with the flow and let the room slowly develop. When measuring is involved, I start there.

How did/do you choose a house to buy and renovate?

We decided on a new build house because we wanted the layout and lot. We only did a few upgrades through our builder because I wanted to do them ourselves. We have done built-ins and added molding to the mudroom, built our patio, and updated our floors. I would still like to replace doors and door handles and update the laundry room; the list goes on and on.

Many people want to take on large remodeling projects. What are some recommendations for readers who wish to do an extensive remodel project?

When undertaking a large project, planning the big pieces first is vital. You don't need to pick paint colors or small details. Do your measurements first, and don't get ahead of yourself. It's ok if it takes time to do it right.

What are some tips for readers who wish to transform their homes?

Remember, the most minor things can make a BIG change! For example, changing a light fixture can transform a room. Start small if you aren't happy with a space but need more time or money for a significant change.

What is next?

I am finishing up my girls' rooms, and then it's on to my son's room. I'm always making small changes around the house.

Thank you, Emily for a lovely partnership!

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