Waldorf Crystal Knobs for a Traditional Touch

Morgan Nelson Palmetto Highway

Morgan Nelson is an Architect turned DIYer who started her blog, Palmetto Highway when she was laid off from her corporate architecture job. She began renovating her home with all her newfound free time, sharing her renovations and DIY knowledge through social media. Her experience in architecture helps teach her audience about their homes and how to renovate their spaces. She recently updated doors with beautiful Waldorf Crystal knobs and Studio short plates. Scroll on to see the beautiful door hardware and learn more about Morgan's style.

white door bronze and crystal vintage door hardware nostalgic warehouse palmetto highway

Morgan was drawn to Nostalgic Warehouse door hardware because of her love for crystal door knobs. She notes, "When I decided to look at pretty door knobs on Pinterest, I was excited about all the options at Nostalgic Warehouse." Her preference for mixing traditional/vintage architectural details with modern ones meant these knobs perfectly fit her style. She loves having a traditional-looking crystal door knob on a more modern short plate, which helps carry that modern/vintage balance throughout the home.

A tip Morgan has about selecting door hardware is not being too trendy and allowing some wiggle room regarding finishes. Her home has some black metals, bronze fixtures, and brass accents. She wanted a finish that would age well with the home, so she opted for bronze because it matched the fixtures attached to the house.

This home fell into Morgan's lap when she started dating her fiance. He purchased his grandparents' house, which had not been updated since the 90s, and it was calling for an overhaul. Morgan loves projects and designing and started removing wallpaper and painting walls before moving in. She is slowly updating the home, room by room, and still has more than half left.

As far as her design style, Morgan says it is an ever-changing mix between vintage and modern elements. For example, she has modern stair balusters with a vintage stair runner to balance the two looks. Sometimes she follows trends if she loves something but will use the fun aesthetic only as an accent in a room. She prefers a curated look, with a collection of loved pieces acquired over the years, which is a great way to mix trendy with traditional.

white door bronze and crystal vintage door hardware nostalgic warehouse palmetto highway

One major piece of advice Morgan has for those planning extensive remodel projects is to hire an architect/interior designer. She notes, "It's a lot for anyone to do on their own. To have someone organize all your design ideas and walk through the renovation with you is invaluable." She also believes in looking to the future for your design decisions. Ask yourself, "Is it super trendy right now?" If the answer is yes, take a second look. Not all trends are short-lived, but making sure the decision will live through your life's seasons is essential.

Although Morgan's home is her current DIY project, she also works on clients' homes. She has designed many kitchens and helped optimize home layouts to better suit families. Morgan says, "I love creating beautiful designs that excite my clients about their homes."

Thank you to Morgan for sharing Palmetto Highway with us!

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