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Savannah Powell created her Instagram account, Savshomemade, in early 2023 to share her home DIYs and updates with her friends and family she had to move away from due to her husband's residency location. We partnered with her on a unique choice of door hardware - our Meadows long plate with the Homestead knob in Oil-Rubbed Bronze. Scroll on to see the lovely hardware in her home.

oil rubbed bronze door hardware nostalgic warehouse white door meadows vintage antique

Considering herself a beginner, she learns and posts as she goes. Picking colors, mixing patterns, and figuring out what works is all new to Savannah, who had previously been a renter. She loves thrifted and antique finds mixed with a modern touch while using bold colors to make each space feel special.

Savannah and her husband are currently in the process of remodeling their entire home. Although they have only lived there for about a year, every room will have her touch by the time they move on to the next house. When she and her husband first moved in, they tackled refinishing the oak kitchen cabinets and building built-ins next to the fireplace. Before that, they had never painted a wall or used a power tool. She said, "It was challenging initially, but now it feels like second nature! I love taking on new projects in each space and figuring out how to make them unique."

Savannah first learned of Nostalgic Warehouse through her Instagram account. After looking at our page, she knew she wanted to work with us. Hardware is often overlooked in a space, but in her experience, it's the first thing you see before entering a space, the first impression! She knew that Nostalgic Warehouse was the best place to get hardware simply because there were so many options to choose from, and each style was unique in its own way. When picking hardware, she knew she wanted something with some detail. She loved the long plate look; it feels "older" and has so much character. The details carved into the Meadows plate were perfect, but she went back and forth on the shape and material she wanted for the knob. Overall the Homestead knob ended up being the ideal combination.

Regarding material, Savanna loves that the Oil Rubbed Bronze will age over time and carry history with the home. She said, "After receiving the hardware, I couldn't love it more. It fits the space perfectly and gives the character and charm I was looking for. In time, I hope to update all our doors with this beautiful pairing!"

Savannah refinished all the doors and trim before installing the hardware, which took some time. However, once she was ready for new hardware, she timed how long each installation took, which was about seven minutes per door. She told us the directions were easy to follow, and the rest were a breeze once she completed the first set.

When asked if she would use this hardware again in other areas, Savanna said, "I would love to! Finding a different pairing that goes well with what I picked and updating the doors inside each room where the hardware is now would be pretty. I want to find a pairing that complements what I've chosen."

Considering her design tone, Savannah has many different styles and believes her home style is evolving as she does. She loves antique and thrifted treasures mixed with furniture that has modern and clean lines and would live in a French or Parisian-style cottage if she could. As she has been slowly updating and furnishing this home, she is filling it with things she loves. Designing spaces can be like putting together a puzzle that never ends. She will constantly update, rearrange, and find ways to make spaces feel special. "It keeps me happy!"

oil rubbed bronze door hardware nostalgic warehouse white door meadows vintage antique

Savannah's biggest tip for people who wish to do an extensive remodel is to know when to hire a professional versus doing it yourself. As an example, her home has engineered hardwood flooring that was installed improperly by the previous owners. The pieces were pulling up, getting caught on furniture and rugs, and the wood was damaged. They had a contractor come look at it, and unfortunately, he had to rip up all the flooring and put it back down. It was an expense they had not budgeted for but needed to be done. Had the previous owners hired a professional, they would've never had to spend all that extra money fixing the mistakes. However, with this being said, they met an excellent contractor they've continued to work with through the process. For that, they are very thankful.

Some words of advice for readers who wish to make a transformation in their home is to go for it! Be bold and try new things and (sometimes) fail. Savannah says she has learned so much by doing the work; the payoff is always worth the short-term stress. Whether hiring someone to make changes or doing them yourself, the end result is the most exciting. We spend so much time at home, we should love where we live!

Savannah's parting words were this: "I am very, very thankful for this partnership! It's crazy how something so small can make the biggest impact, but that's what these doorknobs have done. I cannot thank you enough!"

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