Easy Ways to Add Curb Appeal

Make Your Door Pop

Painting your door a fresh pop of color is an easy and affordable way to change your front entrance significantly. The process generally costs at most $75 and takes less than a day to complete.

When choosing a color, pick up paint chips or paint samples to test what color will look best for your home. Tape up the paint chips or paint a few swatches to help determine which color looks best.

Upgrade Lighting

Changing your existing porch lighting for something new is a simple way to upgrade your curb appeal. Bright and well-lit porches can help show off your house and provide added security.

Swapping out lighting is very simple and can easily be a DIY project. For lighting that’s hardwired in, there are many tutorials available online. Follow safety precautions by turning off all power to the light before working on it.

When choosing your lighting, make sure to consider the finish and style. It would be best to match your lighting finish to your hardware finish, but you can always mix finishes.

Add Greenery

Adding potted plants to your front porch is a quick way to brighten your home. Consider something simple, like mums or lavender. Both are easy to care for and are good for the bees.

For something a little more elevated, install planter boxes under your windows. The added boxes add visual interest and are a classic look on any home.

You don’t need all-out landscaping, but there are relatively cost-effective home projects. Add metal edging throughout your yard to create landscape barriers for drought-resistance plants. Use mulch to help save on water. For more information on water-saving landscaping, check out this blog on xeriscaping.

Do your best to take good care of your lawn. A green lawn goes a long way in improving curb appeal and making your home look beautiful.

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Upgrade Your Door Hardware

Replace existing door hardware for a quick curb appeal upgrade. If you’ve painted your door, choose a finish that contrasts with the door for added visual interest. Our luxury hardware comes in many different finishes, and we will have a finish that perfectly matches any door color.

Our handlesets make a stunning first impression. Add a vintage touch with our best-selling New York Handleset with C-Grip and New York Long Plate with New York Knob in Antique Brass. The set is timeless and looks beautiful on all homes.

Add Curb Appeal to Your Home

Upgrading your home’s curb appeal could be completed in just one weekend with these DIY projects. These projects are easy to do and cost-effective.

Are you looking for more easy at-home projects? Our blog, Easy Home Upgrades That Increase Home Value, is full of tips and tricks for home improvement.

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