When is it time to replace door hardware?

Replacing your door hardware is an easy way to make a significant impact without renovation hassle. We often get asked when is it time to replace door hardware. Well, there are a few different reasons to do so.

Below are some examples of when it’s time to change out old hardware for something more functional.

Sticking Door

Are you having trouble opening doors in your home? Over time, hinges and hardware can wear down, causing the door to malfunction.

You can oil the hinges to help, but sometimes the hardware is so worn it’s best to replace it. Especially if the door is no longer latching or the knob is no longer turning.

Before you purchase a new door, swap out the hardware. Properly working hinges and door hardware can expand a door's life by many years.

Missing Parts

Inexpensive door hardware can quickly wear down from continued use. Often, parts like privacy pins, screws, latches, and even door knobs fall off and go missing.

If your door is missing parts, it is time to replace your hardware. We take pride in crafting our hardware from forged brass and high-quality pieces, ensuring that our hardware is made to last.

Nostalgic Warehouse products are designed to last a lifetime, and with reasonable care, they should never need replacement. If you choose to change your hardware for a different style, rest assured that our forged brass is entirely recyclable.

Security Reasons

Strong doors are essential for security. If you are nervous about the strength of your door or have experienced a burglary, consider reviewing your door's hardware.

Worn hinges or weak door hardware doesn’t stand a chance against an attempted break-in. Upgrade your hardware to solid forged brass for durability and strength.

Our deadbolts are crafted to reinforce any door. Not only do they come in many different styles, but they can also offer you peace of mind. Your entry can look beautiful, and you can feel safe.

Upgrade Your Style

Do you think your door hardware is outdated? Over time our style can change. What we once thought was perfect now may look played out.

Upgrade your hardware to match your style or to something timeless. Our hardware comes in many different types, from Craftsman to Victorian. With so many options, we are sure you will find something perfect for your home.

Replace Your Hardware Today

If you think it’s time for you to upgrade your door hardware, or maybe you just want to, explore some of our options for door hardware.

We understand that fitting your door correctly for new hardware can be complicated. We’ve tried to make it easy by putting together a few guides. Your first step to measuring for new hardware is determining backset and door thickness.